classic sundaes


Classic Brownie Sundae

this fountain favorite includes two scoops of our vanilla bean ice cream seated on a warm, rich, chocolate brownie, covered with hot fudge, then topped with fresh whipped cream and finished with french broad chocolate shavings and an all-natural maraschino cherry $12 (full) $8 (half)


Banana Split

if it ain’t broke… a whole banana, split down the middle, stuffed with scoops of chocolate, vanilla bean, and strawberry ice cream, all covered with hot fudge, caramel, and pineapple compote. fresh whipped cream and walnuts, while all-natural maraschino cherries add the finishing touch $14


our flagship sundae is one that everyone will recognize. choose two generous scoops of chocolate, vanilla bean, or your choice of ice cream topped with house-made hot fudge or caramel, fresh whipped cream, sprinkles, and peanuts. $8


a kid-sized version of the streetcar $5

Apple Pie Parfait

americana is always in season with our full vanilla bean milkshake nestled between layers of fresh cinnamon apple compote and homemade buttery piecrust, finished with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon sugar $14 (full) $10 (half)




specialty sundaes


Great Smoky Mountain

straight from the heart of east tennessee, our tribute to the great smoky mountains features a mountain of warm chocolate brownie and moist vanilla cake, rising from a decadent hot fudge base, capped with our vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with a stream of warm caramel, topped with whipped cream, olive & sinclair’s smoked nib brittle, and finished with an all-natural maraschino cherry peak. $14


two large scoops of our vanilla bean ice cream sit atop our house-made shortbread cookie crumbles while rivers of house-made milk chocolate sauce and gooey caramel flow down from their peak. a light dust of fleur de sel finishes off this highly addictive victorian treat. whether you prefer to eat it from the left or the right side, you are sure to love this sundae. $10

After School Special

a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream sit side by side atop a bed of rice krispies, covered in nutella, and topped with house-made marshmallow fluff – this is one after school snack that’s guaranteed to ‘spoil your supper. $10


this original sundae pays tribute to one of knoxville’s most beloved icons – the kern’s bakery. our moist vanilla cake with a generous drizzle of strawberry syrup. it is topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream then covered in our house-made roasted peanut butter sauce. it is capped with fresh whipped cream, peanuts and finished with a waffled kern’s bread curl – a hometown connection that’s sure to become the next hometown favorite. $14

Kookie Monster

a huge scoop of cookies & sweet cream ice cream covered in hot fudge, fresh whipped cream, and blue sugar sprinkles. there are definitely no grouches found here. me like kookie! $8

Sundae Of Broken Dreams

a truly delicious sweet and salty marriage of house-made vanilla bean ice cream, rich caramel, broken pretzels rods, and fresh whipped cream. a brooklyn farmacy & soda fountain creation that is too good not to share. $12 (full) $10 (half)

scoops & toppings

Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, and Cookies & Cream

cup $4             cone $5

  • an all natural tillen farms maraschino cherry, sprinkles, or whipped cream    free

  • malt powder, pretzel rods, walnuts, slivered almonds, peanuts, or french broad shaved chocolate   50¢

  • seasonal fruit compote, hot fudge, caramel, milk chocolate, peanut butter sauce, or sliced bananas $1

  • olive & sinclair’s smoked nib brittle or marshmallow fluff $2

hand-spun shakes

Dark & Tan

a hand-spun chocolate milkshake poured into a warm caramel-coated classic soda fountain glass. tall, dark, rich, and handsome. the shake of your dreams. $8

Peanut Butter

vanilla bean ice cream with house-made peanut butter sauce, topped with fresh whipped cream and a decadent peanut butter drizzle $8

Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate ice cream with house-made peanut butter sauce, topped with fresh whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and a caramel drizzle, $8

Bits & Pieces

a hand-spun vanilla bean milkshake with house-made brownie bits and reese’s pieces. you are sure to enjoy this nod to those who helped put this all together. $9


choose between chocolate, vanilla, or a single ice cream flavor of your choice. $7

The Berries

you choose the ice cream flavor and the seasonal berry compote, then sit back as we spin it and top it with fresh whipped cream. $8

Black & White

the cadillac of the soda fountain. a creamy vanilla milkshake poured into a hot fudge-coated classic soda fountain glass. this soda fountain specialty is truly a cross-generational experience. $8

Frozen Mocha

first, stumptown cold brew coffee gets blended into a vanilla bean milkshake, then poured into a classic soda fountain glass lined with hot fudge. to finish it off, we top it with fresh whipped cream and french broad chocolate shavings. $9